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The Revy Riders Moto Trails and Tracks features two exciting trail areas for you to explore right from one staging location. The original Lower Frisby Trails, located just above our tracks and staging areas, and the Deadmans Creek area, located just North of our area. To access the Deadmans Creek area, you must cross the bridge on the Westside Forest Service Road.

You must have proper insurance, a license, and registration, or “push” your bike across the bridge. Once across, take the first left and ride! The original Lower Frisby Trails also has some FSR’s that you must also have proper documentation to ride. When riding the Lower Frisby Trails, PLEASE, ABSOLUTELY NO RIDING THE ALPINE MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAIL. Consult the map on the kiosk in staging area to see the FSR’s. and the trail leading to the start of the Deadmans Creek area.

1. Expect two way traffic on all trails at all times. BE AWARE!

2. Ride in control at all times and at a speed that will enable you to stop in time to avoid collisions.

3. Consult maps and Kiosk before heading out on trails. Beginners, check where the “red exclamation points” are on the maps.This indicates an obstacle, or tougher section on an “easy” trail.

4. Never ride alone.

5. You must have proper third party liability and a driver license (on you) to ride on Forest Service Roads (FSR’s). Failure to do so can result in a $375 fine.

6. Please respect our hard work and effort and only ride on trails within YOUR riding ability. If you are stuck on a trail or feel you are “over your head”, turn around. “Spinning out” only destroys the trail.

7. Be sensitive to wet areas and heavy rain. Please avoid heavy throttle or any type of riding that could damage the wet, soft ground. Better yet, please stay on the MX and EX tracks on these days!

8. Please stay on the trails.

9. ABSOLUTELY, no riding the Frisby Ridge alpine mountain bike trail, or anywhere on BC Hydro property (across Westside Rd) near the dam. The rugged terrain around Revelstoke proves tough to build beginner trails. We tried our best, but on some of the green, “easy” trails we built, there were certain sections that proved to be a challenge for us to provide a true “easiest” trail experience.

Therefore, we have marked on the maps a red exclamation point {!} where an absolute beginner may encounter a tougher obstacle.

We STRONGLY suggest that a true “beginner” rider consult the maps first before heading out to ride, especially when exploring our area for the first time.

Also, riding with a more experienced rider is always a great idea, but please, NEVER RIDE ALONE

The Revy Riders Dirtbike Club strongly depends on membership fees to maintain and build our trails. All money collected goes directly towards maintenance and further development.

If you love riding our trails, please make a donation to our club in the lockbox provided at the kiosk.

Thank you!

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10am-8pm Daily. All mufflers must be 96 db or less.