map of track in revelstoke dirtbikingOur facility boasts three great tracks.

The main Motocross track was built with safety in mind and has many large sandy berms and plenty of big table tops jumps.

A couple of nice elevation changes and plenty of different lines for lots of passing make this track a total blast to ride and race.

A new watering system was added in 2014 which will be a nice touch for the summer months.

The Endurocross track has all the latest obstacles and has proven to be a real workout.

Tires, rocks, the Matrix, a step up, logs and more, await you!

As well, a few hills and a “natural” trail section make this track tougher than you want it to be!

A “beginner” line has been added so riders of all abilities can do a lap of the track and feel like a hero as well.

The beginner track has been hugely popular.

A few jumps, a couple of berms, and a perfect location make this track a real favorite with the kids and beginners.

All three tracks will be seeing major changes and additions soon!!

One of the main plans is to extend the length of the MX track so we can hold Provincial races!

The EX track will see a total revamp, and the kids track will also get a length extension!

The parking area will also see an increase in capacity needed to hold big races.

The staging area hosts a viewing platform for spectators to conveniently check out the action, and a nice kiosk with information and maps for entire riding areas.

Day Fee for track

To ride our tracks you MUST be a member OR have our waiver completely filled, signed, and witnessed.

Please see for complete details.

Deposit signed waiver and fee into the lockbox provided, or have your printed receipt available.

Track fees are $10 per person per day

mx track



revy riders track

Track Rules

1. Club membership or $10 day pass is mandatory to ride tracks.

2. 96db maximum sound level: Loud bikes will be tested. Violators must repair or replace mufflers to comply.

3. 1st gear only in pit area: no accelerating or wheelies.

4. You are in bear country, please haul out your garbage.

5. All riders must have appropriate safety apparel, and bikes must be in proper working condition.

6. Minors (16 and under) require adult supervision.

7. This is a family facility: Please use common sense.

8. All Dogs, must be tied up or on a leash at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS.

9. In case of emergency, Dial 911.

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Contact Info


Track Hours

10am-8pm Daily. All mufflers must be 96 db or less.