The Revy Riders Dirtbike Club was officially formed in November of 2008 in an attempt to keep our original Motocross track from being decommissioned.

In the late 70’s, a group of local businessmen, mainly “Papa” John Archer and Terry Fleming, used some land that was leased to the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club located in the Industrial Park, to build the legendary track. The track existed for 27 years and provided a lifetime of great memories, good times, and lots of broken bones!!

Many years after the track was constructed, when the next batch of volunteers stepped in to see their kid’s race, mainly Pavel Mares, Ken DeGroot, and Arie Van Den Boss. More races were held and the track was often regarded as an “outdoor supercross track”. I remember one particular event when the race had to be stopped because both of the ambulances were at the hospital depositing broken bodies! I later heard that the doctors were pissed that weekend, as it was a holiday and they had to basically work full time on that Sunday! I still to this day often hear of people talking about how awesome that track was…

A decade later the next wave of parents and their kids started to use the mainly weed covered track again. Work and interest in the track were reaching a high level, but by then four strokes hit the scene, as well as some housing development right across the river from the track…this, was the start of the end of the original and infamous track. An extremely wound up neighbor or two certainly didn’t help things out much either.

old track


A race we had in the 90’s!  Photo: Chris Pawlitsky

After a brief but valiant battle with City Hall, the old Motocross track was decommissioned and we set our sights on a new home. Chris Pawlitsky, Terry Archer, and Terry Fischer, lifelong locals who rode the original track from day one officially formed the Revy Riders Dirtbike Club and settled into our new location, 10 km’s from town at the bottom of Frisby Ridge.

The new area is home to Motocross, Kid’s, and Endurocross tracks, and a large and ever-growing trail network, something they could never have in the confined space of the Industrial Park which was basically in City limits.

In hindsight, getting kicked out of there has been a blessing in disguise!

The Revy Riders want to say this. We have had TREMENDOUS support from virtually everyone in the community from the start of our venture.

The City of Revelstoke, Rec Sites and Trails BC, Frontcounter BC, Columbia Basin Trust, the Revelstoke BC Resort Municipality, and almost every single business in town has been 100% supportive of our venture and we could not have done anything without their support.


So come on out to Revelstoke and check out our facility. We truly have something for everyone from one convenient staging area. You will be amazed as we are quickly gaining a reputation as one of the very best riding areas in Western Canada!

Revy Riders Former President – Chris Pawlitsky


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10am-8pm Daily. All mufflers must be 96 db or less.