Great turnout for Flats Cleanup!

Thanks to everyone who came again this year for the flats cleanup party!  The flats have gotten a lot of traffic over the years as it gets more popular for camping and good times in the sun.  Dirtbiking families frequent 12 mile to teach their children and new lady riders in the soft sand on the Columbia River banks and beaches.  Lately it has seen some abuse and we just want to make sure the town of Revelstoke knows how much we love this area for the training of our new riders and good family fun.  So we put together a group of our members to help pick up garbage that’s been left by campers and partiers or washed down stream.

Thanks to the 20 members who showed up to clean, Kelly’s Bobcat for the dump truck, and Sure Haul for the trailer.

If you happen to be in this area, please make sure you pick up behind yourself!

Photos and writing by Tennille Barber


12 mile flats cleanup


12 mile flats cleanup



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